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Is This You?

Are you experiencing one of these situations?

Crisis or Challenge

You’re facing a major challenge or crisis, perhaps feeling like you're losing or have lost your balance or more importantly, your Self.

Crossroads or Change

You’re at a crossroads or looking at change in your work or life and feeling stagnant or stuck, wondering which direction to go.

Creating or Calling

You’ve done well professionally and financially, but still have this sense that “something’s missing,” you feel called to create a greater vision.

Bring your light to life.
Bring your life to light.

Wherever you may be in your work or life, the world needs you to be your best, live your best, and give your best.

Thomas J. Shields, Optimal Vision Coach
Hi, I’m Thomas J. Shields, Optimal Vision Coach and founder of the Optimal Vision Institute. For over 20 years, I've been coaching leaders in healthcare, business, sports, education and other fields.

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The core elements needed to realize your Optimal Vision.
Be grateful, not full of your greatness!
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"When you're not God-centered, you can get swept away by the waves of the world and wind up lost, unable to see or washed up unsure."
Within 6 months from the beginning of our coaching, I have increased my income by 20%.” —Chris Yonker, Business Owner & Sales Representative
You have helped me see ways to overcome or avoid obstacles and to turn perceived obstacle into opportunities.” — John B. Stevens, Assistant Chief Pilot, Wiggins Airways
Tom has assisted me in reframing old beliefs, creating new possibilities, and unlocking an enormous potential for abundance in all areas of my life. I appreciate his integrity, his accountability, and his insight. He is a talented and gifted person whom I feel blessed to know. My life will never be the same because I have had the opportunity to work with him." —Dr. Kathy Roth, Chiropractor, Health Horizons, Oakmont, PA
Tom has shown me that an athlete must possess the skill to have positive self-talk and a clear picture of where they want to be in life in order to achieve their goals and reach their full potential." —Herb Moreland, 5-time winner of Northwestern New York PGA Teacher of the Year Award, Northwestern NY PGA Hall of Fame
Tom Shields has truly been a master as my personal coach. His one-on-one teaching, his street-smarts, his action-oriented ideas, his straight forward approach, has helped me achieve the balance between my medical career and my family time with my wife and kids.” —James R. Ferlisi, M.D. Toronto, Canada
My opportunity to work with you has been nothing short of transformational and inspiring. Thanks to your amazing abilities with language and coaching, you have taught me to re-frame and reconstruct my entire life. You’ve given new meaning to the phrase 'it’s all in your head!' I’ve emerged from this work a more integrated person and I love the empowerment it gives me." —Andrea Taylor, Lifestyle Education Coordinator, Health Horizons, Oakmont, PA
To assert that Tom transformed my life would be a profound understatement. Before I met Tom, I was the fly stuck behind the window, trying to break through, imprisoned by invisible constraints. Tom opened my eyes to strengths and tools I never knew I possessed. Together, we engineered for me a career path that honors those strengths. I now enjoy clarity, focus and certainty that I am on the right path and can achieve my true aims. Tom’s gift, his unique expertise, is helping people see what is possible, to envision and create the best version of themselves." —Kip Roth, Speaker & Coach, Charlotte, NC

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